March 2016

Use Powerful Photography to Showcase Your Campus Experience

March 17th, 2016|Higher Education Photography|

Your campus photography should do more than showcase your buildings and feature smiling head shots of professors with crossed arms. It should tell a story—your story. Photography is a powerfully emotive medium. Research shows that photos attract the eye, transmit messages faster, and stick in long term memory better than text alone. It’s king on social media, especially Facebook. So why are you still putting so little thought into the photos you choose? […]

January 2016

Use Video to Build Relationships with Your Prospects

January 28th, 2016|Higher Education Photography, Social Media for Admissions|

Strong online videos are helpful in building your school’s brand and closing the sale with students. More importantly, along the way, videos are crucial in helping you build relationships with your prospects. And those relationships are what encourage students to apply, enroll, and thrive in your programs. There are many types of videos you can create to attract students: program highlights, Homecoming compilations, videos of sports and campus life. These are effective in reminding previous visitors how beautiful your campus is and showing students who can’t visit all the opportunities available. But perhaps the most powerful are the personal narratives—immersive stories about select students that demonstrate the makeup of your student body. […]

October 2015

Incorporating Powerful Photography into All Admissions Communications

October 1st, 2015|Higher Education Marketing & Design, Higher Education Photography, Social Media for Admissions|

An image is worth more than just 1,000 words when it translates into more applications, higher enrollment, and a greater yield. However, poor quality photography, when it turns away prospective students, can lead to a few choice, 4-letter words from your VP, instead. Powerful, captivating photography should be the center of all your admissions communications. Build a slam-dunk admissions comm flow (and avoid an upset boss) by incorporating inspiring photography into these admissions communications. […]

August 2014

Highlight Your School at its Best with Campus Photography from The Parish Group

August 14th, 2014|Higher Education Photography|

“Our images send their minds. Their bodies soon follow.” This quote from The Parish Group’s co-founder and lead photographer, Bill Parish, guides our company and our vision for each of our unique client-partners. It also embodies the importance of quality campus photography at the core of each of our services. Our goal is to portray your institution accurately and energetically in order to best convey what makes you unique. It’s the best way to showcase your institution as the vibrant, energetic, and welcoming private college or university that you know it to be. We also know that your institution is about more than the day-to-day. The Parish Group is able […]

Creating the Perfect Campus Photo

August 7th, 2014|Higher Education Photography|

If you could produce only one photograph to represent your private college or university, what would it be? Are you thinking about a specific or iconic building on campus? What about your new sports arena, or your school’s favorite annual event? College campuses are living things. They have personalities all their own, and encompass their own unique environments. The perfect campus photo – if you had to choose only one – would show the reality of your school’s individual strengths. A cross between documentation of the school as it naturally is and the production of an engaging scene, it would represent a theme of interaction, perhaps among students at an event or between students and faculty in the classroom. […]

July 2014

10 Things to Keep in Mind as you Develop a Campus Photography Schedule [Infographic]

July 31st, 2014|Higher Education Photography|

For large campuses or for photo shoots with a wide variety of objectives, there is a lot to consider when scheduling a multi-day photo shoot. Don’t forget to check in with your photography team to ask about their team’s strategy and how best to set up a schedule in advance. And always keep your end goals in mind! Here are 10 additional things The Parish Group asks our client-partners to do as they develop a multi-day campus photography schedule: […]

The Parish Group’s Key to the Perfect Campus Photo Shoot

July 24th, 2014|Higher Education Photography|

Every private college has its own unique needs for photography. Perhaps you’ve recently opened a new building or facility that you want to publicize. Maybe your lacrosse team just won a divisional championship and you want to highlight your athletics. Maybe you’ve realized that your photo archive was last updated in 2002 and you need a complete photo overhaul! Whatever your particular needs, The Parish Group knows there are certain key steps to developing a perfect campus photo shoot. With over 25 years of experience photographing college campuses, Bill Parish and his photography team know how to make the most productive and efficient use of their time once on campus. […]

Capture, Illuminate, and Energize your Publications with First-Class Admissions Photography and Video

July 10th, 2014|Higher Education Photography|

What’s the best way to showcase your institution as the vibrant, energetic, and welcoming private college or university that you know it to be? We say, show it off through first-class admissions photography and video! The Parish Group has a great photography and video team at the core of our services. Literally. Our VP of Creative Services is also our lead photographer. That means our video and photography is shot with your entire publications plan and media goals in mind, and quality is at the heart of every shot we take. There is no lost communication in our process, and there are absolutely no excuses. We never lose sight of your mission, because your mission underscores our every action […]

January 2014

The Parish Group’s Colorful Approach to Private Education Marketing [Infographic]

January 30th, 2014|Higher Education Marketing & Design, Higher Education Photography, Higher Education Search, Interactive, Research|

The Parish Group offers more than a 4-color approach to private education marketing. Our full spectrum of services includes a set of custom colors we utilize to present your institution in a way that highlights your colorful personality and attracts your best prospects. The Parish Group’s colors are always additive, and never subtractive. Our Out of the Ordinary Orange, Simplicity Sienna, Go Custom Green, Teamwork Teal, Purposeful Purple, and Reach Out Red work together to create color relationships that reflect the vibrant and unique relationships that you create on your campus – and they’re all infused with the common sense spirit of our Be Awesome Blue. […]