October 2016

March 2016

We can Help You Capitalize on the Student Experience

March 10th, 2016|Admissions Tips|

What are your students up to on campus today? That’s not a rhetorical question. Often, as admissions personnel, it can be so easy to focus on incoming students that you lose focus on the students who are happy in attendance at your institution. But that could be one of the worst moves for your admissions program. The students who have chosen to attend your school are those who support your mission and value the experience created on your campus. In many cases, they could just as easily have stayed home and earned a degree online from one of those big-box for-profit schools. But they want to be there, on your campus, interacting with your staff and their peers, earning experience along with their degree. […]

5 Strategies for Building Admissions Relationships One Student at a Time

March 3rd, 2016|Admissions Tips, Higher Education Marketing & Design, Higher Education Search, Social Media for Admissions|

This year, why not build the strongest admissions program your institution has ever seen? Honestly, it won’t be a breeze. But if you stack one strategy on top of the next, and focus on building admissions relationships with one student at a time, we know it can be done. Are you employing these five relationship-building strategies? […]

February 2016

How Close is too Close in Higher Ed Admissions?

February 4th, 2016|Admissions Tips|

Building relationships is our specialty at The Parish Group. It’s our job to help your admissions team go from strangers to family in the minds of your prospective students. But where is the line between close and too close? We all know where that line falls in traditional professional interactions (and if you don’t, I’m sure your HR director will be happy to remind you). In today’s digital environment, though, the line between personal and professional can look a little more cloudy. Just for you, we’ve composed this list of admissions relationship-building dos and don’ts: […]

January 2016

6 Ways to Make Sure Your Admissions Counselors are Building Effective Relationships with Prospective Students

January 14th, 2016|Admissions Tips|

Every college and university campus across the nation wants to increase their class size. However, very few realize that the best way to increase their volume isn’t merely through larger list buys and wider-reaching application pushes. Paradoxically, the best way to increase volume is instead by building relationships with prospective students, one at a time. Here are six ways to make sure your admissions counselors are building the kinds of relationships that lead prospective students to apply and enroll to your institution. […]

December 2015

6 Admissions Tactics to Build the Awesome Incoming Class of Your Dreams

December 10th, 2015|Admissions Tips, Higher Education Search|

Building the class you want can be a tricky proposition. In addition to just bringing a large number of students into the funnel, you have to successfully pull them all the way through the cycle—through application, admission, and enrollment. And somehow you need to also sort them by academic profile, geography, and other demographics in order to meet your internal admissions goals. That’s a tall order. However, with a little advance planning and the employment of these six admissions tactics, we’re confident you can build the awesome incoming class of your dreams. […]

November 2015

Admissions Search: 8 Steps to Make the Right Impression and Net the Class of Your Dreams

November 19th, 2015|Admissions Tips, Higher Education Search|

Imagine yourself on a blind date with a prospective romantic partner. Maybe you and the person across the table from you have done a little research on each other. Perhaps you found their hometown listed on their Facebook page and they know that you’re great at lacrosse. But how do you start a conversation that leads to the next level? Admissions search is a lot like dating. We don’t advocate sending DPs to anyone who swipes right, but traditional dating etiquette totally applies. Next time you’re across from a student you know is from Houston and they ask you about your school’s epic lacrosse team, just follow these steps. Before you know it, you’ll have charmed them into your next incoming class—the class of your dreams. […]

October 2015

Using Historical Data to Recruit the Class You Want

October 22nd, 2015|Admissions Tips|

How many metrics do you collect over the course of your admissions recruitment cycle, and then from active students once they’re settled onto your campus? Chances are, you collect a variety of data points, from birthday to hometown to how many points of interaction you have with each student. This data can be overwhelming when considered separately. However, when directed toward a purpose, such as recruiting your ideal class, each metric you’ve historically collected suddenly becomes important. Let’s take a look at how several common metrics can be used together to help you recruit the class you want. […]

The Parish Group Helps You Build the Class You Want

October 15th, 2015|Admissions Tips|

Higher education admissions is a tricky industry. There are firms out there that promise big inquiry numbers for low effort. There are agencies that laden you with so many numbers that you’ve lost track of what success really means to your institution. There’s also your internal team, who are absolute experts on your school, but may not have the time or resources to manage a full admissions program from conception through fulfillment. Then, there’s The Parish Group. […]

May 2015

7 Admissions Strategies for Closing the Sale with Students

May 21st, 2015|Admissions Tips, Higher Education Data & Resources, Higher Education Marketing & Design, Social Media for Admissions, The Internet & Mobile Technology|

College and university admissions offices must walk a fine line between using traditional sales tactics to close the sale with students, and employing admissions strategies to assist young people faced with making an important life decision. Many offices are left wondering if there’s a comfortable middle ground. At The Parish Group, we recognize that there are ways to build honest relationships with prospective students while still building your administration’s ideal class. All schools are unique, so the components of these programs may be quite different. But the results should be the same: a class of engaged students who will matriculate and remain engaged alumni. […]