Fold Your Own Napkin Bunnies for the Table this Easter

Some would say there’s a certain kind of child who loves the production and imagination that go into little origami creatures. We say, those are the kind of kids who grow up to work in publication design.

One of our minor indulgences at The Parish Group is the “60-Second Super-cool Fold of the Week” YouTube series by foldfactory. Paper nerd and kindred spirit Trish Witkowski regularly shares the most interesting mail pieces she sees come her way. Most are small run printings because of the hand work involved, but we love contemplating how we can employ tulip folds and creative die cuts on a larger scale for our client-partners’ admissions viewbooks, travel brochures, and even application letters.

See for yourself: Check out just a few of the probably hundreds of Fold of the Week videos. (Pro tip: don’t miss her pun-tastic t-shirts in each video.)

If these videos bring your inner paper folder to the surface, like they do for us, don’t wait until after a long Easter weekend to share your passion. This how-to blog post from SheKnows shows you how to set your brunch table with adorable Easter bunnies. But don’t stop there. Surprise your guests by hiding a few egg-shaped chocolates inside!



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