Use Powerful Photography to Showcase Your Campus Experience

Your campus photography should do more than showcase your buildings and feature smiling head shots of professors with crossed arms. It should tell a story—your story.

Photography is a powerfully emotive medium. Research shows that photos attract the eye, transmit messages faster, and stick in long term memory better than text alone. It’s king on social media, especially Facebook. So why are you still putting so little thought into the photos you choose?

Every photo you choose for your admissions publications, website, social media, and any other communications should be chosen carefully and deliberately because it tells the story of your campus experience. It should transport prospective students to the middle of your welcome week or concert hall. And it should move them to want to visit in person.

Your unique student experience is the selling point in your recruitment programs. Scroll through the photos below and imagine yourself in each of these situations: at a mud volleyball game during welcome week, warming up during swim practice, taking a selfie with a friend. Don’t they make you want to learn more about the campuses featured?

If you’re struggling to incorporate exceptional photography into your admissions communications, The Parish Group is here to help. Our expert photography team can help you capitalize on your school’s unique student experience and bring more prospects to visit. View our portfolio today, then contact us today to learn more about updating your campus photography this spring.


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