TPG Staff Profile: Catherine See, Senior Account Executive

The Parish Group’s staff has been providing the tools that private higher education institutions use to recruit, enroll, retain, and turn students into faithful alumni for nearly 30 years. Our staff members have unrivaled experience and expertise in promoting private institutions, and we’ve perfected our approach over time.

But, arguably, among our greatest strengths are our relationships within the company and with our clients. It is our awesome, exciting, and unique mix of personalities that helps The Parish Group connect on so many levels. Today, we want to take a moment to recognize our Senior Account Executive, Catherine, by telling you a little more about her as a vibrant member of our team. We welcome you to reach out to Catherine and say, “Hello!”



Full Name Catherine See
Title/Position at The Parish Group Senior Account Executive
Official Parish Group Email
1. What is your education background and professional experience? I am a proud graduate (both grad and undergrad) of Western Carolina University—GO CATS! I have had a successful career in higher education, focusing mainly in enrollment management. Although I dabbled in housing for a year or so, my experience, my mentors, and my passion is the challenge that is the art and science of admissions, retention, and financial aid.
2. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? If I were a crayon, I wouldn’t want to be a crayon. My personality is more like a permanent marker ☺

Color would have to be either Emerald Green or Kelly Green. Kelly green is bright, sophisticated, and represents life, growth, and a connection to royalty. Also, I love the emerald stone.

3. Other than appearance, what is the first thing that people notice about you? My laugh! It’s loud and goofy and sometimes it changes. My best friend and partner once told me I have a “loud southern laugh” when I am competing with sound in a loud space, a “hehe” laugh like George Bush when I am up to something, and a “nervous laugh” when I am completely confused about something.

My laugh goes one of the same with my appearance, which would be my smile.

I think I am a hoot!

4. What one book or film changed your life? Life experiences take care of change. But so that I don’t completely dodge the question, I like reading sociology/psychology books. I like knowing, or thinking that I know, why people make decisions or act a certain way.

More than anything, music is my jam. No pun intended, hahaha! Music changes my life and helps me express myself. Dave Matthews. The end.

5. What do you do to stay busy outside of work hours? I eat and enjoy an adult beverage every once in a while, therefore I RUN. All joking aside, I lived in DC for a few years and my best friend is the most amazing cook. So, I became a foodie very quickly. I now live in Central Virginia, so a typical Saturday usually consists of a hike and visit to a winery. It’s beautiful here!
I also love to watch sports. Football, check. Hockey, check. If it’s outside, even better. Hello baseball season and a hotdog!I will hopefully complete my first 1/2 marathon this year! EEEK! ☺
6. If someone gave you $40, what would you buy? A wine tasting and a cheese platter for anyone who would like to join me! Enjoying the great views and having fun with friends is irreplaceable.
7. What would you choose as your last meal? I cannot choose—I would binge eat everything! See, this is why I run.

I love it all: healthy food, fried food, yogurt, cupcakes, anything KB can cook, Mexican, pasta, pizza, anything with cheese! Oh, my goodness; I am getting hungry as I am typing!

8. What are your three BEST life skills? Best life skills…

1. I am motivated. I have high expectations for myself and others. I do not take “no” for an answer. I push. The reason why I push: life skill #2.

2. I see the positive in everyone. I am big thinker, therefore there is always a path from point A to B. I see that sometimes people just need support or motivation.

3. I can talk to anyone. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are from, I will go out of my way to make a connection. I am easy to approach, which usually helps with communicating with people.

9. What’s your favorite memory (so far) from working with The Parish Group? Setting: first week. When Bill said, “It doesn’t matter where we go to lunch, she’ll eat anything.” It’s true: check out #7.
10. What’s one thing everyone should know about The Parish Group that they might not know? If you aren’t familiar with The Parish Group, you should be. The people you are trusting with your branding and enrollment goals really do care.

Before working for TPG, vendors = greedy, icky, sales people, for the most part (unless you were my friend). Sorry, but that’s kinda what I thought: not another email, PLEASE.

What I have found, and a reason I think TPG is such a great fit for me, is that I want to help my profession. I want to help my colleagues be successful in their enrollment goals. I want them to make a great investment, without loosing their institutional personality and going with a cookie-cutter vendor.

I never worked at a super selective institution and I had to fight for every student, staff member, and every dollar in my budget. I would have given anything to have TPG on my team!

Catherine is always available to assist you with your admissions questions. Just give her a call! Contact us today for more information about how Catherine can utilize her expertise to improve your school’s existing or upcoming admissions marketing campaigns.

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