Someone should tell Hallmark that their wrapping paper rolls are never the right size! Try as we might, there’s that one roll of discount wrapping paper that never seems to end. Then there are the fancy (and pricey!) papers that run out so quickly that we desperately try to make the most of the last remaining scraps. Whether your rolls fall on one extreme or the other, here are six easy uses for those paper scraps this holiday season.

Teardrop Christmas Ornaments

If you can cut in a straight line, you can make these cute and festive ornaments. We like the use of re-pins or brads, but if you have a bucket of spare buttons, those would work well, too. These make great ornaments for wreaths or the tree, or would also look nice draped over a the neck of a bottle of wine or tied to a large gift.

6 Easy Ways to Use Scrap Wrapping Paper this Christmas

Homemade Gift Bows

Uh, oh! You’ve got a ton of extra paper on hand this year, but you’ve completely run out of gift bows. Spare yourself another trip to a crowded big-box store and whip up a few bows of your own. We can tell you from experience that they might take a few tries to look right, but once you have the hang of it, you’ll never waste money on store-bought bows again!

6 Easy Ways to Use Scrap Wrapping Paper this Christmas

Folded Holiday Cards

We work with a lot of paper, so we’re big fans of Foldfactory’s YouTube videos. Many of their diecuts are too complicated to tackle at home en masse, but several of these holiday folds could be easily recreated with double sided paper, a little patience, and some large craft hole punches. And if you opt for the Tri-Fold with Layered Circle Die design (below), you’re already halfway to creating one of the next two items.


Custom Gift Tags

Make gift tags that match your gifts with only minimal extra work. Use the circles you punched for the holiday cards or trace cookie cutters for different shapes. If you’re cutting by hand, we recommend pasting the wrapping paper to the cardstock before cutting out the shape, just to ensure that the pieces line up correctly.

6 Easy Ways to Use Scrap Wrapping Paper this Christmas

Holiday Streamers

This streamer project is just as simple to make as the paper chains you remember from childhood, but with an elegant twist. Depending on the paper patterns you have available, you could use them for Christmas, New Year’s, or even year round in children’s rooms or craft corners. If you don’t have jump rings, try loosely weaving fishing line through small pinholes.

6 Easy Ways to Use Scrap Wrapping Paper this Christmas

Paper Star Medallions

This is another great folding project for those of us who enjoyed making paper snowflakes as kids. Plus, it’s a great way to make use of that last few inches at the end of every paper roll. We really like the simple chevron pattern featured, but you can be as intricate and creative as you want to be with these.

6 Easy Ways to Use Scrap Wrapping Paper this Christmas

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