6 Admissions Tactics to Build the Awesome Incoming Class of Your Dreams

Building the class you want can be a tricky proposition. In addition to just bringing a large number of students into the funnel, you have to successfully pull them all the way through the cycle—through application, admission, and enrollment. And somehow you need to also sort them by academic profile, geography, and other demographics in order to meet your internal admissions goals. That’s a tall order. However, with a little advance planning and the employment of these six admissions tactics, we’re confident you can build the awesome incoming class of your dreams.

Use Your Historical Data to Recruit Effectively

Chances are, you collect a variety of metrics over the course of your admissions recruitment cycle, from birthday to hometown to how many points of interaction you have with each student. This data can be either seemingly useless or too overwhelming when considered separately. However, when directed toward a purpose, such as recruiting your ideal class, each metric you’ve historically collected suddenly becomes important. Use your commonly collected metrics to help you recruit the class you want.

Target Multiple Student Populations with the Same Publication

Letters and postcards help attract attention, but viewbooks are where many students will get the majority of their offline knowledge about your college or university. You may only have 16 pages plus cover to encourage students to seek out more information or apply. So how do you use that space wisely to encourage different kinds of students to apply? By including valuable information designed to attract certain student populations, you can meet multiple admissions goals with the same publication.

Develop a Social Media Presence that Supports Your Brand

It is vitally important to have a social media presence that supports your school’s brand through actively engaging and controlled content. For college-bound students, social media has become the number one activity on the web. Each school is unique and has its own institutional social media challenges, so it is important to create a custom strategy for your particular social media outlets. Build private groups, use specific hashtags, and encourage media-rich sharing to boost your social media efforts.

Incorporate GIFs into Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Simple, institution-specific GIFs are a really easy way to spice up your admissions marketing and recruit your ideal incoming class. GIFs highlight your campus culture and add humor and personality to your online interactions, especially over social media, which helps you create valuable connections with prospective students. In addition, GIFs are inherently valuable as calls to action. They attract the eye, then create a point of focus to pull students in. When used intentionally, GIFs are a fun and creative way to enhance your message.

Make the Right Impression During Face-to-Face Conversations

Admissions search is a lot like dating. Each party wants to look their best, be confident about themselves, and make a good impression. For instance, if you’re across from a student you know is from Houston and they ask you about your school’s epic lacrosse team, your speed dating skills could come in handy. We recommend keeping these eight basic dating tips in mind during your next open house or at your next college fair. After all, making the right impression could mean a student applies to your school or he or she doesn’t.

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