3 Easy Last-Minute Thanksgiving Centerpieces

In case you missed it, HGTV’s most recent Urban Oasis giveaway home was located in our hometown of Asheville, NC. In the months leading up to the giveaway, westside locals speculated about the future sweepstakes winner, peeked into the windows of the home, complained about increased neighborhood traffic from people peeking into the windows of the home, and collectively spent more time on HGTV.com than they probably ever had before.

Unfortunately, the sweepstakes winner was not an Asheville local. But on the plus side, all that internet snooping inadvertently led us to three three really fun and easy Thanksgiving centerpiece crafts. If you try them for yourself, tweet a photo to @TheParishGroup—we’d love to see how they turn out!

Fall Leaf Centerpiece

If you have the perfect vase for your dining room but want to forego the store-bought flowers, this is a simple and festive solution. Simply collect twigs from the back yard (a great activity for kids, if you have them!) and create paper leaves that match your holiday decor. These can be a centerpiece on their own, as pictured here, or a creative addition to an existing centerpiece.


Pilgrim Ship Centerpiece

We’re willing to bet that the last time you worked pilgrims into your Thanksgiving decorations was when you or someone in your house was in elementary school. This elegant homage is classier than finger puppets or folded paper hats, but just as simple. Our favorite part about this one is that it can be added to any oblong serving dish you’ll be placing on the table anyway.


Butternut Squash Vases

Many Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas include fall squashes, but how many make them functional? We love this subtle and down-to-earth (no pun intended) idea for displaying your farm-fresh flowers. Group together butternuts, as they do here, or create height variations by working in broader varietals.


All images taken from HGTV.com.
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