Creating the Perfect Campus Photo

If you could produce only one photograph to represent your private college or university, what would it be? Are you thinking about a specific or iconic building on campus? What about your new sports arena, or your school’s favorite annual event?

College campuses are living things. They have personalities all their own, and encompass their own unique environments. The perfect campus photo – if you had to choose only one – would show the reality of your school’s individual strengths. A cross between documentation of the school as it naturally is and the production of an engaging scene, it would represent a theme of interaction, perhaps among students at an event or between students and faculty in the classroom. The perfect photo uses a sense of people and place to capture the interest of every single viewer and inspire them to action, whether that be to visit, apply, enroll, or just to seek more information.

Creating the Perfect Campus Photo

To create the perfect campus photo, you also need the perfect campus photographer. You have to pick a photographer with a personal understanding of your campus environment, and who is able to both observe and interact in the optimal way. The best photographers will allow your students to become so acclimated to their presence that they become invisible, knowing then that students will feel comfortable enough to strike expressions that represent your campus naturally.

The problem with the perfect campus photo is that it is ultimately something different to everyone. Everyone responds differently to different looks and different styles, and any photo can engage segments of your audience, but never all. That is why it’s best to test your photos as much as you can. Gather counselors and a representative student panel, show them your current photography, and ask them what clothing, hair styles, activities, and campus facilities appeal most to them. Ask them which photos best depict your institution’s target audience, and what style of photography is most representative of your school’s atmosphere. Their feedback is integral to developing your next photo shoot.

But even after careful studies and feedback from targeted students, you’ll discover that it’s impossible to represent such a rich and vibrant institution as your own with only a single photo.  However, when this process above is correctly executed, the resulting collection of photos will give life to the institution through the colorful stories it tells. The individual photos will each authentically demonstrate the experience of the institution, while the collection as a whole will serve all your school’s media needs, both in print and online. In this way, the perfect campus image becomes available not through a mere singular photo, but through the collection of imagery expertly selected to demonstrate the many facets of your institution.

The Parish Group is an Expert in Campus Photography

Your private college or university deserves the perfect team to develop a rich collection of imagery that inspires minds and sends students to campus in response. The Parish Group embeds our photography team into the heart of the campus environment, observing the nature of the institution while building relationships with students and staff. We’ve been photographing the campuses of several of our client-partners for 27 years, making those campus’ cultures second nature to us. Students recognize our team during regular seasonal visits, and we’ve returned year after year to find children and even grandchildren as students have grown up and remain connected to their institution.

The Parish Group’s history in the market demonstrates our ability to manage the careful planning and development that goes into a successful photo shoot and the expertise to change that schedule on a dime when necessary. We recognize the value of powerful and authentic campus imagery, and are no strangers to the scavenger hunt for the perfect campus photo. However, even as we retain the hunt for perfection as the foundation of our work ethic, we also know the impossibility of finding the singular perfect photo for every viewer, and use our extensive testing results to guide our photo shoots.

Luckily for our client-partners, The Parish Group delivers far more than just one singular photo. Our seemingly endless set of deliverables will be presented to you already edited and ready for use in all your media channels. Our photos provide full coverage of all your institution’s facilities and programs, garnered from the comprehensive input of as many students, staff, and faculty as possible. The sheer volume of our deliverables helps you build your photo archives and gives you a range of photos designed to build relationships through each of your media channels, whether they be on web or mobile devices or in print.

In an increasingly visual world, rich and vibrant photography has become more powerful than ever. It is imperative that your campus’ photo archive is up to the challenge by being as rich and vibrant as your university itself. Click here to see selections from our photography portfolio, and contact us today to learn more about how our photography team can help you develop the perfect campus photo archive.

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